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The Upgrade Module is a very important block in this mod as it allows the customization of the multi-tank that it is connected to. You can either insert a Capacity or Storage Upgrade into one of this blocks 6 slots. Each Capacity Upgrade will increase the size of the mult-tank by 1.1^n where 'n' is the number of Capacity Upgrades. Insert a Storage Upgrade to allow the multi-tank to store an additional liquid for each Storage Upgrade.


It is very important that the Upgrade Module be directly touch a side of Tank Controller. If this is not the case none of the upgrades will be applied.


Inserting an Upgrade into the Upgrade Module is very simple. Simply hold the Upgrade you wish to use and right click on one of the six white triangles on the face of the block facing you. This will insert the Upgrade. To remove, click the same white triangle with an empty hand.


Yes the crafting recipe is expensive. You can store up to 6 different liquids in one container.
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