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The Tank Controller is the basis block for the mod. This is one of the two blocks that liquids can be placed in and removed from. Right clicking will open the GUI displaying the liquids stored and the command prompt. Commands can be entered to gain additional information regarding the multi-tank.


This block upon being placed can hold 1 liquid and has a maximum capacity of 16800 mB. Liquids can be piped in and out via buckets, pipes, etc. To increase the size of the multi-tank you can attach Tank Blocks. The tank has no maximum size.

Multiple LiquidsEdit

Given that you have an Upgrade Module connected to your tank and have at least one Storage Upgrade inserted you may wonder how you are to insert or extract liquids? The simplest way is to open the GUI and type the command setIndex(index). You will know that this has succeeded if the text changes. Another simple way is to apply a redstone signal to the Tank Controller. Doing so will increase the index by 1. Once the max index is reached it will jump back down to 0 and begin counting again.

Breaking The TankEdit

Unlike most mods, when you break the Tank Controller all its contents and information is not lost, in fact quite the opposite. When the Tank Controller is broken all the information associated with it is stored in the block dropped. Want to know what liquids are stored? Hold shift while hovering over the Tank Controller in your inventory to see the liquids and amounts currently being stored.


These tanks can be camouflaged to look like any other block in the game. Simply Sneak + Left Click on the Tank Controller with the block you wish it to appear as. Alternatively you can run the setCamo(blockId,meta) command from the command line within the GUI of this block.


For these tanks to appear "dyed" simply Sneak + Left Click on the Tank Controller with the dye color you wish it to appear as.


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