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Often known as the Fountain of Youth, cleansing water has healing properties. However due to its power it is found rarely in deserts and only 1 bucket can be found per fountain. Cleansing Water can be used to craft/repair a damaged golden chalice allowing the chalice to be reused.

Healing ItemsEdit

Cleansing Water is so powerful that not
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only can it heal the damage incurred on the golden chalice, but it can also repair items. Just place down the Cleansing Water and place a chest next to it, the place items in the chest and watch them repair! Even 2 seconds the item will heal and the cleansing water will get weaker. Once the cleansing water has been drained of its healing powers it will turn back into water

Cleaning The ChaliceEdit

If you want your potions to last forever you are going to need a golden chalice. The golden chalice needs this cleansing water in its crafting recipe. As a potion is repaired the chalice will take damage. To repair this damage pick up a source block of cleansing water and watch the chalice repair before your eyes!

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